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combines fundamental knowledge in our seminars denoted as ConteNt
with cultural experiences based on our ConteXt,
so our particpants are able to ConduCt the best business practices.


ConteNt denotes the managerial knowledge needed by foreign executives in order to
effectively conduct business operations within Germany.

The BiG executive training program contains a sequence of focused seminars that involve
such essential topics as the overall European economic situation, German and European
business law, social maintenance systems, political realities, current environmental issues,
business etiquette, negotiating skills, cultural awareness, as well as others.

The ordering of these seminars considers the degree of cultural awareness that has been
acquired by participants as they progress through the program’s itinerary.



BiG is a unique executive training opportunity that equips managers from abroad with the competency required to successfully ConduCt business operations in Germany.

Speakers are Professors and Research Staff of the Faculty of Economics and Management of the
Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg, specialized coaches, and representatives of German companies.


The ConteNt

Besides the seminars, featured Topics are: German Economic History, International Trade: Germany, China, and the World, Transatlantic Economy: What can we learn from USA, Europe, and China?, Meeting the Employers Association, Meeting the Chambers of Commerce


 Seminar BASICS German Economic Situation

THE REASON: Germany has the largest economy in Europe and the fourth largest in the world. It is organized as a social market economy that combines the free market capitalist system with social welfare policies designed to be more equitable for society as a whole.
THE CONTENT: This seminar provides an overview of basic aggregate economic indicators and the historical development of German economic policies. In addition, information regarding geography, the infrastructure, transportation facilities, demographics, etc., will be provided.

 Seminar EUROPEAN UNION History & Current Status

THE REASON: The European Union was founded shortly after World War II and presently consists of 28 member countries. Germany is the largest contributor to the European Union’s budget.
THE CONTENT: The seminar provides information concerning the legal developments of the European Union including its key principles (the free movement of goods, capital, persons, and services) and we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of various aspects.

 Seminar LEGAL SYSTEM in Germany

THE REASON: An awareness of the German legal system is  a prerequisite for investment decisions in Germany. This should include the Grundgesetz (the constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany), Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch (the civil code), as well as the Handelsgesetzbuch (the
commercial code).
THE CONTENT: The seminar will introduce regulations for a purchase contract, warranties and guaranties, copyright law, and other essential aspects of contract law.

 Seminar BUSINESS LAW in Germany

THE REASON: When operating within Germany, it is crucial to understand relevant aspects of German labor law, regulations regarding wages, as well as the taxation system.
THE CONTENT: This seminar will introduce German and European Union laws regarding labor rights, collective bargaining, minimum wages, antitrust law, and various systems of taxation, e.g., income taxes, trade taxes, value added taxes, etc. Participants will learn how to employ and dismiss
workers in consideration of the employment protection act.

 Seminar SOCIAL SYSTEM Social Security

THE REASON: Germany spends nearly one third of its Gross Domestic Product on social welfare transfers. The German system is in existence to guarantee a minimum living standard for all German citizens. It includes: universal health benefits, retirement pensions for everyone, workplace benefits and accident insurance as well as social assistance for the disadvantaged.
THE CONTENT: Social security in Germany is codified in the Sozialgesetzbuch (social code). We provide the necessary information concerning unemployment insurance, health insurance, old age pension insurance, invalidity insurance, child support, and social care.

 Seminar POLITICS Political System in Germany

THE REASON: The political environment is an important factor for investors from abroad to consider. Therefore, it‘s important to gain insights into the workings of the German system.
THE CONTENT: The seminar will discuss the nature of the German political system. Participants will get an overview concerning the constitution, the electoral system, the separation of power, and the legislative procedures. Moreover, an overview is given concerning the workings of the federal  system and its impacts on German taxes.

 Seminar ENVIRONMENT Environmental Regulation

THE REASON: Since 1994, environmental protection has been proclaimed as an objective of the state in the Grundgesetz (constitution). Renewable energy sources and emission controls are very important in topics Germany.
THE CONTENT: This Seminar will introduce the Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetz, EEG 2017 (renewable energy sources act) and the emission certificate trade mechanisms. Environmental protection is taken seriously and, therefore, a familiarity with the regulations involved is a necessary prerequisite for operations in Germany.

 Seminar BUSINESS ETIQUETTE in Germany

THE REASON: Business etiquette informs you regarding certain norms when presenting yourself professionally in Germany. Order, structure, precision, thoroughness, and punctuality permeate work life here in Germany.
THE CONTENT: The seminar will introduce basic concepts about culture and the participants will learn how to successfully interact with Germans in business situations.

 Seminar NEGOTIATE Negotiating Techniques

THE REASON: Every culture varies in communication mannerisms and, therefore, negotiation procedures are necessarily different. Germany is no exception and, therefore, an awareness of some basic principles is essential for success.
THE CONTENT: This seminar will provide you with the savoirfaire to negotiate properly with German business executives. There are certain aspects of German negotiating behavior that must be strictly observed in order to prevail and you will learn these key elements.

 Seminar CULTURE Cultural Differences

THE REASON: It is important to understand the specifics of international management including the options available to concentrate on in this field in order to gain insights into certain economical and methodical theories. Moreover, how to utilize this knowledge in furthering your successful managing of resources within the context of cultural differences is very important.
THE CONTENT: During this seminar you will acquire the skills concerning how to analyze the opportunities and risks involved in international, intercultural transactions. You will learn about their specific characteristics based upon the available theories. An introduction into certain specific cultural challenges will be discussed and the tools to overcome them will be given.

 CAPSTONE Seminar Culminating Experience

THE REASON: Participants require the opportunity to assimilate and embrace the knowledge that they have gained by partaking in the ten BiG seminars offered.
THE CONTENT: This seminar is designed to summarize, clarify, and merge the material delivered in the individual seminars into a coherent, amalgamated body of thought. It concludes the program and gives participants the confidence that they can successfully conduct business in Germany.

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